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Design and Implementation of Integrated Service Program Citizen Entrepreneur in Zulia State (SIACE)

Banco Mundial
  • With the intention of providing the necessary assistance to facilitate the creation and maintenance of microenterprises in Zulia state, we participated in a World Bank tender which proposed the creation (in both design and implementation) of an organism to provide this service effectively and quickly, streamlining processes and optimizing resources based on the results obtained with the developed diagnostic think the “Single Window Constitution and formalization of companies,” through which the management would facilitate entrepreneurs should take out to create their empresas.

  • The different processes involved in the formation of a company and responsibility estso each d elos levels of local, regional and national government were evaluated. Once identified these process proceeded to review, simpificación and improvement. An improved once proceeded to the integration of these first in one spot processing through a single window and the development of software that allow the integration level of information among participating entities to achieve and monitor progress status each of the requirements for contitución companies. To achieve this integration interagency agreement to give viability to this integration they were developed.

    • Streamlining the bureaucracy and strengthening the institution.
    • Alignment of staff for the proper functioning of the Integrated Business Service Citizen (SIACE).
    • SIACE recognition as a valuable tool in local economic development.
    • Important to the culture of formality and legality in the field of SME support.
    • Simplification of procedures.
    • Compliance and understanding of the tax culture.
    • Improved employer / public sector relationship.
    • Impulse entrepreneurs in overcoming barriers to entering the credit system and economic development through the reduction of costs from administrative operations.

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